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the first group

  Then at one of the night clubs in Santa Monica, California in the summer of 1964, the boys were playing to a packed house on Saturday night. Lance was there in the crowd, but only as an observer and possibly an occasional sit-in for a song or two. But when the local cops rolled in to spot check for underage drinkers, it was realized that the band's drummer himself was not of legal age. The police demanded that he leave or go to jail. Either way, the band was now without a drummer. "But wait! What about Lance? We know he can sing. But will his recent pursuit of drum playing hold the band together? Well, we have no choice...let's give him a shot!" Needless to say, it all worked out. And from the mid 1960s all through the 1980s Lance has somehow been able to balance his surfboard and musical careers. His music has been comprised of playing upscale night spots in the Southern California area and writing and recording hiis own material.