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Many people believe that if you surf, then surf music is your sound. Wrong! Even though Lance has had friendships over the years with Dick Dale of The Del-Tones and Paul Johnson of The Surfaris, Lance never played or really enjoyed the twang of the surf guitar. He even did a commercial with Richard Delby and The Challengers for Jantzen Swimwear back in the early 60s. The band was also an opening act at the Surfers Stomp Revival headlined by the likes of Jan & Dean, a one-night event with a sold-out crowd of about 3,500 people at the famous Hollywood Paladium. Then in the mid 1980s, the band occasionally played on "rhythm and blues night" at the world famous Palomino Club in North Hollywood, California. And some of Lance's best friends have been members of the Beach Boys' back-up musician's, namely Mike Kowalski, their drummer and Ed Carter, their back-up guitar player, along with Bruce Johnston, one of the Beach Boys' main members.